Aggressor Liveaboards Launches “Green the Fleet”

In partnership with the Sea of Change Foundation, Aggressor Liveaboards is pleased to announce the expansion of its sustainability initiatives with "Green the Fleet."


the Fleet strives to make the liveaboard lifestyle environmentally sustainable for divers and contributes to the health of our oceans. New sustainability initiatives will build on existing sustainable operations already in place across the fleet. For example, the Raja Ampat Aggressor recently switched from single-use plastic bags to small, compostable, nonplastic garbage bags, and the Okeanos Aggressor already source their seafood from a local, certified responsible fishery.

To increase environmental sustainability, Green the Fleet works toward eliminating single-use plastics from all Aggressor yachts beginning with plastic straws, cups and utensils. Single-use plastic water bottles will be replaced with reusable water bottles. Yachts will use nontoxic, biodegradable cleaners. Energy-efficient LED lighting will also be phased in. Customers can now enjoy welcome gifts that are more environmentally friendly such as Aggressor luggage tags made from natural materials instead of plastics and plastic-free or recycled packaging. To further help protect the coral reefs, Aggressor Liveaboards will provide Stream2Sea coral-safe sunscreen and shampoo for divers on yachts.

"As divers, we get that the oceans need our help now more than ever," said Samantha Whitcraft, Aggressor's Director of Conservation and Outreach. "Scientists estimate that more than 9 million metric tons of plastic waste enters the oceans every year comprised mostly of everyday items such as bottles, wrappers, straws and bags. And we know some chemicals can harm corals. With our Green the Fleet initiatives, we are part of the solution and help divers understand how they can be too."

"Aggressor Liveaboards is proud of the green operations that are already in place across our fleet, and now we are looking forward to expanded efforts toward environmental sustainability in all our operations including at headquarters where we've switched to all LED lighting," Aggressor Adventures CEO Wayne Brown said. "With the launch of Green the Fleet, we know we can make even more positive changes to help protect the oceans for our customers now and for future generations of divers. Green The Fleet is an effort to improve our business values and decision-making process."

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