Shark Angels Announces 2019 Online Auction for World Oceans Day

The auction starts May 27 and ends June 9.

Shark Angels, a U.S.-based nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting sharks worldwide, will host its 3rd World Oceans Day online auction from May 27 through June 9.

Bid on scuba diving trips around the world, including destinations such as Fiji, the Bahamas, the Philippines and Raja Ampat. Other auction items include a fantastic underwater light, a celebrity cooking experience, sports tickets and more.

Your bids and purchases will help fuel critical campaigns and play a vital role in protecting not only a threatened species but also the oceans. Shark Angels employs grassroots outreach, creative media and educational campaigns to inspire a global movement to save sharks — and the ecosystems they keep healthy. And it's working. For more than 10 years Shark Angels has been involved in some of the most well-known and highest-impact ocean conservation programs around the world.

"We've been thrilled with the support from our donors and are very excited about this auction," Executive Director Jamie Pollack said. "Your bids will help fuel Shark Angels' innovative education and advocacy programs to protect sharks, the oceans' apex species. The health of the world's oceans depends on healthy shark populations, and every creature on earth depends on healthy oceans for survival."

Help Shark Angels make a difference by sharing the link and bidding on items. "You too can be a guardian angel for sharks," Pollack said. "Earn your wings by bidding on any of these items and help us make a difference."