DAN Was There for Me Articles

Decompression Sickness While Freediving

By Andrew Khvetkevich

Advice, Support and a Lifeline

Text and photos by Julika Kennaway

Free Flow at 103 Feet

By Clayton Moore

Painful Fracture in Patagonia

By Harrison Cann

DCS Ahead

By Tom Chronister

A Close Call in the Caribbean

By Larry Stewart

Painful Swelling on a Pacific Island

By Nadia Aly

Better Safe Than Sorry

By Sharon Gallmon

A Rash in Roatan

By Rosanne “Cookie” DelBiondo

Paralyzed in Grenada

By Deborah Newman

Severe DCS in the South Pacific

By June Evans

Pneumonia in Germany

By George Lewbel

Skin Bends in Cuba

By Tricia Grimes

Research and Outreach

By Jill Heinerth

Wrecked In Nova Scotia

By Ron Russell

An Unusual Diagnosis

By Marty Snyderman

Touch and Go in Tonga

By Douglas Hoffman

Travel Plans Interrupted

By Robert Gleeson

Heart Attack in Madagascar

By Jack Grove, Ph.D

Knocked Down on Bonaire

By Melinda Crow

Trust the Experts

By Michael L. Weiss

DAN saved my life when a local chamber refused to treat me.
DAN to the Rescue: Out of Antarctica

By Amos Nachoum

Amos Nachoum's Antarctica Gallery

By Amos Nachoum

A Shark Tale

By Mary Maguire

DCS or Serendipity?

By Allan Jones

Cared for in the Turks and Caicos

By Sheila Stroh

Just Another Day at the Office

By Meghan K. MacCollum

Lacerated in Baja

By Krista Holbrook

A spearfishing mishap lands a diver in the clinic.
Wrecked in Namibia

By Gary P. Fisher

Trust Your Instincts

By Nicole Baker

When unusual symptoms occur after diving, err on the side of caution.

Dive Medical Services around the World

By William Ziefle

The good, the bad and the ugly
Revenge of the Lionfish

By Elly Wray

DAN's expertise includes hazardous marine life injury management.

Important Enough

By Fran LeBlanc

A nonmember discovers DAN can help all divers — even when injuries seem insignificant.

Concussed in Colombia

By Stan Homer

DAN is here for sailors as well as divers.
Bent in Chuuk

By Gary Mace

Deep dives, serious symptoms and a remote location underscore the need for DAN.

Drowning from the Inside Out

By Phil Walker

A rare complication makes for a harrowing day.
Third Time’s a Charm

By David Ulloa

DAN helps a technical diver in three different episodes of DCS.

Biking to Disaster

Text by Evelyn Cook, photos by Craig Cook

Nowhere near water and DAN was still there
Arachnid Encounter

By Chuck Turmell

A spider bite put me in DAN's web of care.
Walking Again

By Stephen Frink

An evacuation and 10 chamber rides later, this diver is back on two feet.
In the Nick of Time

By Bob Talbot

Prompt evacuation and medical treatment prevents a serious injury from becoming a permanent impairment.
Bent in Baja

By Eric Hanauer

A "routine" dive ends in multiple chamber rides.