Advanced Diving Articles

Balkan Mine Clearance

Text by Nikola Valtošová, photos by Capt. Radek Prygl

Czech police divers train others to save lives.
Down in the Dumps

By Kathy Johnson

A day in the life of a garbage dump diver
Our Underwater Heritage: An Archaeological Look

By Jim Gunderson

Combat Divers

By Jeffery Samuel

Freediving Safety

By Chris Bustad

Five Lessons for Cold-Water Diving

By Frauke Tillmans, Ph.D.

Diving in Remote Destinations

By Mike Gerken

Anatomy of a Commercial Mixed-Gas Dive

By Michael Menduno

Table 1. Mixed-Gas Bounce Dive Comparison

Dive Skills for Underwater Photographers

By Stephen Frink

Assessing and Assisting Florida’s Coral Reef After Hurricane Irma

By Beth Dieveney, Gena Parsons, Tom Moore and Shay Viehman

Silence Beneath a White Ceiling

By Jeffrey Bozanic

Testing rebreathers for the U.S. Antarctic Program
Antarctic Bonus Photo Gallery

By Jeffrey Bozanic

Saturation Diving

By Sherri Ferguson

A quick and dirty guide
Breathing Gases

By Georgia Hausserman

Uses, limitations and hazards
Caissons, Compressed-Air Work and Deep Tunneling

By David Kenyon, Glenn Butler and Richard Vann

The Logistics of Exploration

By Leigh Bishop

Preparation and protocols for a deep wreck expedition
The Wreck of the Lakeland and the Birth of Mixed-Gas Diving

By Tamara Thomsen and Peter Buzzacott

Empowering a Spectacle

By Robert Soncini

Always Ready

By David Helvarg

The U.S. Coast Guard Diving Program
Gradient Factors

By Neal W. Pollock, Ph.D.

A pathway for controlling decompression risk
Dark Waters

By Kevin Sites

Police divers descend to new depths for justice.
Without Bubbles

By David P. Reilly and Neal W. Pollock, Ph.D.

A look into rebreather diving
Diving Out of Bounds

By Richie Kohler

Expedition diving
Seeing the Reef in a New Light

By Lynn Miner

Fluorescence night diving
Scientific Diving and Safety Program Oversight

By Neal W. Pollock, Ph.D.

Technical Diving

By Karl Shreeves

Military Diving

By Tim Grollimund

A history of innovation
Mastering Neutral Buoyancy and Trim

By Michael Menduno

Public Safety Diving

By Richard Sadler, M.D., FACS

Aquarium Diving

By Sebastian Sprain, EMT-I, DSO

Learning to Rebreathe

By Brian Harper

A recreational diver tries closed-circuit
Cavern and Cave Diving

By Peter Buzzacott, Ph.D, MPH

Welcome to the dark side

By Mandy-Rae Krack

Finding new freedom in and out of the water
Scuba Hollywood Myths and Mysteries Quiz

Underwater Navigation

By Mike Ange

Wreck Exploration

By Richard Walker, M.D., M.S., and Joe Citelli

Tips for diving safely into maritime history
Altitude and Decompression Sickness

By Richard Vann, Ph.D.

What is Really Involved in a Search and Rescue Mission?

By LT Jonathan Lee, MH-60J Pilot, USCG Air Station Clearwater

Diving safety from an aviator's perspective

Diving in the Dark

By Mike Ange

The essentials of night diving
Out at Night

Sightings while night diving
The Depth of the Matter

Written by Mike Ange, photos by Stephen Frink

A primer on deep diving
Diving in Currents

By Mike Ange

Going with the flow
Have You Thought About Becoming a DMT?

DAN DMT program participants are trained to identify and manage an emergency situation.
Sidemount – Not Just For Cave Divers Anymore

By Lamar Hires

More recreational divers are discovering the advantages of sidemount scuba cylinders.
Backplate Buoyancy Systems

By Pete Nawrocky

These tools of tech divers are useful for recreational divers, too, but one size does not fit all.
Estimating Your Air Consumption

By Mike Ange

Do you have enough breathing gas to complete the next dive? Here's how to find out.
Advanced DivingClosed-Circuit Rebreathers: A Different Way to Dive

By Pete Nawrocky

No bubbles, compact designs and a different set of in-water skills make rebreathers an exciting option for experienced divers.