Expert Opinions Articles

Between Deep Sea and Space

By Frauke Tillmans, Ph.D.

Dawn Kernagis researches human performance in extreme environments.
Supporting Those Who Serve Underwater

By Frauke Tillmans, Ph.D.

David Fothergill's research helps divers and submariners.
Sunscreen Safety

By Frauke Tillmans, Ph.D., and Allan Uribe, DrPH, MPH

Learn how to protect yourself and the environment.
Ketones, Manta Rays and Extreme Environments

Text by Frauke Tillmans, Ph.D.

Energetic dive research from Florida
Investing in the Future

By Frauke Tillmans, Ph.D.

Simon Mitchell mentors tomorrow's leaders in dive research.
Weigang Xu

By Frauke Tillmans, Ph.D.

Challenging the frontiers of decompression research
The Right to Refuse Service

By Jim Chimiak, M.D., and Caitlyn Ruskell

Zeljko Dujic

By Frauke Tillmans, Ph.D.

Finding his niche in breath-hold research
Up to the Challenge

By Jim Chimiak, M.D.

Cave diver Ben Reymenants discusses the challenges of rescuing young soccer players from a cave in Thailand.
Understanding Our Limits

By Reilly Fogarty

Gerardo Bosco applies modern technologies in hyperbaric research.
Scuba Diving and Life Expectancy

By Peter Buzzacott, MPH, Ph.D.

Testing the Waters

By Reilly Fogarty

Understanding human physiology through diving
The Future of Dive Medicine

By Peter Buzzacott, Ph.D., MPH

Measuring the Unknown

By Reilly Fogarty

Virginie Papadopoulou pushes the limits of bubble science.
The Race to Save the Greatest Library on Earth

By Michael Menduno

Explorer and ichthyologist Richard Pyle, Ph.D.
Diving and Hepatitis C

By Jim Chimiak, M.D.

Extreme Exposure

By Reilly Fogarty

Richard Moon studies the limits of the human body.
Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder and Diving

By Jim Chimiak, M.D.

Under Pressure: A Lifetime of Hyperbaric Research

By Reilly Fogarty

Head Injuries and Diving

By Jim Chimiak, M.D.

Asking the Right Questions

By Payal S. Razdan, MPH, EMT

Ingrid Eftedal studies the biological processes that may lead to DCS.
Researcher Profile: David Doolette

By Petar Denoble, M.D., D.Sc.

Marijuana and Diving

By Hillary Viders, Ph.D.

Physical Fitness for Diving

By Neal W. Pollock, Ph.D.

The Future of Dive Medicine

By Petar Denoble, M.D., D.Sc.

How scientific research will enhance diver safety
Children and Diving

By Matías Nochetto, M.D.

What are the real concerns?
The Effect of Experience on Risk

By Peter Buzzacott, Ph.D.

Instituting a Culture of Safety

By Petar Denoble

A systematic approach

By Scott Smith, EMT-P, DMT

A Culture of Dive Safety

By Petar Denoble

Air, Nitrox and Fatigue

By Matias Nochetto, M.D.

Why might divers report feeling less tired after diving with nitrox?
Tobacco, Marijuana and Asthma

By Petar Denoble, M.D., D.Sc.

Differential assessment of dive fitness in smokers and people with asthma
Tank Valves and Out-Of-Air Emergencies

By Petar Denoble, M.D., D.Sc.

Legal Liability in Diving

By Maureen Robbs

Conservative Diving

By Petar J. Denoble, M.D., D.Sc.

Calculating and mitigating the risk of DCS
Effects of Diving on the Brain

By Jenna Wiley

Understanding Oxygen Toxicity

By Petar J. Denoble, M.D., D.Sc.

Dysbaric Osteonecrosis in Recreational Diving

By Petar Denoble, M.D., D.Sc.


By Brian Harper, W-EMT, DMT, and Petar Denoble, M.D., D.Sc.

Preconditioning and DCI

By Brian Harper, W-EMT, DMT

Are we there yet?

By Petar Denoble

Rebreather technology for recreational divers.

Delay to Recompression

By Petar Denoble

Immersion Pulmonary Edema

By Brian Harper

Hyperbaric Chambers for Dive Injuries

By Nicholas Bird

Could Breath-Hold Diving after Scuba Cause Decompression Sickness?

By Petar Denoble

In-Water Recompression

By Petar Denoble

The debate continues
Oxygen as Definitive Treatment

By Petar Denoble

Can oxygen first aid be considered a definitive treatment for post-dive symptoms?
The Validation of Dive Computer Decompression Safety

By Petar Denoble

How do you determine what's safe and what's not?
PFO and Decompression Illness in Recreational Divers

By Petar DeNoble

Top medical researchers debate the risks of PFO and the treatment.
Deep Stops

By Petar Denoble

Our panel of researchers debates the issue of deep stops and recreational diving.