Skills in Action Articles

Avoiding Panic After Regulator Failure

By Nick Uresin

Keep Calm, and Be Prepared

By Anne Strysniewicz

DEMP: For More Than Dive Emergencies

By Michael Wilhelm

Keep Pushing

By Jason Swencki

Keep Breathing

By LeAnn Beasley

Being prepared can help in risky situations.
Lessons Learned

By Tim Hasty

Risk and Redundancy

By Doug Stracener

Keep Your Head

By Patty Seery, MHS

Situational awareness and safety fundamentals can save the day.
Be Informed, and Stay Calm

By Sheila Koenig

CPR Training Pays Off

By John Hullverson

It’s the Little Things

By Craig Passeno

Escape from the Bubble Cloud

By Rob Waterfield

An Emergency Ascent Just in Time

By Christina Hepburn

A Rude Awakening

By Cody Wagner

Do Something!

By Carolyn Dobbins

Even if your skills aren't perfect, you can still make a difference.
A Unique Solution

By Bill Simpson

Teamwork and Training

By Curtis Snaper

Prepared to Act

By Savannah Vasquez

Oxygen, a willingness to use it and a fast boat save the day
End-of-Life Care

By Richard Fortin

The Perils of Staying Silent

By Dewey Hammond

Remote But Ready

By Danielle Claar

Proactive and Prepared

By Bob Hathaway

Blue Lagoon Rescue

By Bradley Morrison

Right People in the Right Places

By Bill Powers

Quick-thinking witnesses save an unconscious diver.
Prepare to Get Found

By Jack Connick

Take part in your own rescue before you get lost.
Easy Save

By Ingrid Carlson, M.D.

Keep Your Skills Sharp

By Tom Carr

Rapid Ascent, Rapid Response

By Jan Urata

Training Beyond Borders

By Miguel Cachoa

Now I Know Better

By Cathy Church

Call 911!

By Danny Burns, EMT

Go Get DAN!

By Kenneth Smith

When it comes to emergencies, divers call for DAN.
Dive Decisions

By Greg Parsons

How training and skills can prevent emergencies
A Near-Fatal Field Trip

By Stephanie Richards

You Never Know

By Bill Hillermeier

Jellyfish in unexpected places
Where's Dave?

By Oren Noah

Pulling together skills to find a missing friend
SCUBA 911Graduation Day

By Tec Clark

A member's life-saving skills are put to the test.