Field Medicine Articles

A Field Guide to Minor Mishaps

By Brian Harper, W-EMT, DMT

Defining Remote

By Scott Smith, EMT-P, DMT, and Brian Harper, W-EMT, DMT

Understanding the challenges presented by remote environments
Medical Emergencies in Remote Environments

By Brian Harper, W-EMT, DMT

Bites and Stings

By Brian Harper

North America's venomous denizens

By Brian Harper


By Brian Harper

Avoid the strike
First Aid Kits

By Brian Harper

More than an afterthought
Spinal Injuries

Text by Brian Harper, photos by Stephen Frink

Assessing and managing suspected spinal injuries
Field Management of Musculoskeletal Injuries

Text By Brian Harper / Photos By Stephen Frink

Getting an injured person out of the water promptly is a priority.
Field Management of Heat Illness and Hypothermia

By Brian Harper

Understanding heat transfer helps with thermal challenges.
Assessing Basic Vital Signs

Brian Harper, EMT, DMT

First Aid RefresherEmergency Oxygen

Every diver should know how to administer emergency oxygen - do you?
Wilderness Wound Care

By Brian Harper, EMT, DMT, photos by Stephen Frink

How to treat cuts, scrapes and punctures.
First Aid Kit Inspection

By Marty McCafferty

A guide to maintaining your kit