DAN Research Updates Articles

Study Update: PFO

By Petar Denoble

Dive and DCS history in divers who test positive for PFO and pursue closure
Scuba Diving Research: A Sneak Peek Into the Process

By Shabbar Ranapurwala

Join the Ranks of DAN Interns

Written By Maureen Halsema

Now accepting applications for the 2013 DAN Internship class.
Harvesting Divers Photo Gallery

By Eric Douglas, Director of Education

Isla Natividad harvesting divers are living with an epic occupational hazard.
Isla Natividad Divers: Better Organized, but Still Diving Dangerously

By Eric Douglas, Director of Education

The Cooperative of Divers and Fishermen cares for harvesting divers as a family
Divers with Holes in their Hearts

By Petar Denoble, M.D.

Cases studies of divers who had their PFOs closed with transcatheter-applied occluders
DAN Research Updates

By Richard Vann, Ph.D.

The latest analysis, data and discoveries