Incident Insights Articles

Diagnosing Decompression Illness

By Camilo Saraiva, M.D., M.B.A

Separated Divers

By Olivia Jackson and Stefanie Martina

In-Water Recompression

By Daniel A. Nord, EMT-P, CHT

Drysuit Difficulty

Diver Recovers Despite Delayed Treatment

By Marty McCafferty, EMT-P, DMT

Experience Matters

By Cheryl Hughes

Explore All Possibilities

By Marty McCafferty, EMT-P, DMT

Heartbroken After DCS

By Sarah Doyle

What Did I Do Wrong?

By Rebecca Roddenberry

Catastrophic Regulator Failure

By Peter Buzzacott, MPH, Ph.D.

An Unexpected Earplug

By Marty McCafferty

Left at Sea

By Peter Buzzacott, MPH, Ph.D.

A Free-Flowing Failure

By Peter Buzzacott, MPH, Ph.D.

Distracted While Diving

By Peter Buzzacott, MPH, Ph.D.

Self-Aware and Prepared

By Tara Narowski

Thirteen-Foot Dive

By Marty McCafferty, EMT-P, DMT

If You Can’t Equalize, Abort

By Matías Nochetto, M.D.

Sinus barotrauma can be very unpleasant.
Sea Lion Bite

By Marty McCafferty, EMT-P, DMT

Good Fortune After Bad

By James M. Chimiak, M.D.

Barotrauma in Bonaire

By Lana Sorrell, EMT, DMT

You Better Get That Examined

By Payal Razdan

May I Bend Your Ear?

By Michael Menduno

Entangled in Kelp

By Brittany Trout

Trust But Verify

By Joe Poe

Ensure your dive shop has properly trained and certified technicians.
Panic and Post-Traumatic Stress

By David F. Colvard, M.D.

A dive accident's psychological aftermath
Unexpected Air Pockets

By Brittany Trout

Recognition is Essential

By Marty McCafferty, EMT-P, DMT

A Different Kind of Souvenir

By Marty McCafferty, EMT-P, DMT

Coming to Grips with Symptoms

By Marty McCafferty, EMT-P, DMT

Don’t Ignore Your Medical History

By Scott Smith, EMT-P, DMT

Dive injuries aren't always what they seem.

Diagnosis Before Treatment

By Marty McCafferty, EMT-P, DMT

Proper care of injured divers means ruling out all possibilities.

You’ll Be OK

By the mother of a deceased diver

Reassuring an anxious diver may not always be the right approach.
Skin Bends

By Marty McCafferty, EMT-P, DMT

Recognizing the signs of cutaneous DCS
Time and Recovery

By Marty McCafferty

Injured divers should be treated promptly, but delays don't always mean bad outcomes.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy: Beyond the Diving Injury

By Dr. Nicholas Bird

Go Easy on the Ears

By Marty McCafferty

A seemingly mild injury can lead to serious symptoms.
Portable Hyperbaric Chamber Successfully Treats Divers in Remote Location

By Jocelyn Boisvert, CHT, Dr. Richard Belley, MD, Dr. Julien Poitras, MD and Dr. Guillaume Lord, MD

Altitude Illness in the Andes

By Marty McCafferty

Divers aren't the only explorers who experience pressure-related problems.

Lessons in Gas Management

By Marty McCafferty

Running out of breathing gas is the most significant trigger in diver deaths.


By Marty McCafferty and John Lee

Making critical decisions to prioritize care
Don’t Be Fooled

By John U. Lee

Relief from symptoms doesn't always mean a cure.

Don’t Assume

By Marty McCafferty

Self-diagnosis can lead to delays in the medical care you need.
In Denial

By Marty McCafferty

Small, easy-to-ignore symptoms are often the first signs of decompression sickness.
Full Treatment

By Marty McCafferty

Emergency oxygen is only the first step to treating suspected cases of decompression illness.
Quick Comeback

By Joel Dovenbarger, BSN

A lost weight belt and a rapid ascent lead to a case of AGE.