Local Diving Articles

Straits of Mackinac Shipwreck Preserve

Text and photos by Becky Kagan Schott


By Ali Postma

Where history and diving collide
Maui: The End of the Rainbow

Text and photos by David Fleetham

Maui Photo Gallery

By David Fleetham

Marine Megafauna Close to Home

By Brandon Cole

North American Megafauna Photo Gallery

Brandon Cole

Enchanting Manatees of Crystal River

By Carol Grant

Big Sur

By Jon Anderson

Diving into Lake Champlain’s History

By Ethan Gordon

Kona, Hawaii

By Doug Perrine

An insider's guide
Kona Bonus Photo Gallery

By Doug Perrine

Long Beach Oil Platforms

By Andy and Allison Sallmon

It's what's underneath that counts
Long Beach Oil Platforms Bonus Photo Gallery

By Andy and Allison Sallmon

Isle Royale National Park

By Becky Kagan Schott

A Lake Superior gem
Alaska’s Prince William Sound

By Ron Watkins

Adventures in the wild
The Good Fortune of San Miguel Island

By Andy and Allison Sallmon

San Miguel Island Photo Gallery

By Andy and Allison Sallmon

Flower Garden Banks

By Melissa Gaskill

Dutch Springs

By Becky Schott

Looe Key

By Jim and Deb Garber

A Florida Keys gem
Diving Georgia’s Jewel

By Sarah Fangman

Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary
Keystone Jetty, Washington

By Brandon Cole

Lake Michigan

By Becky Kagan Schott

Milwaukee-area shipwrecks
Cape Cod Bonus Photo Gallery

Ethan Daniels

Between the Depths and the Shallows

By Ethan Daniels

Exploring Cape Cod's wet habitats
Alabama’s Gulf Coast

By Lila Harris

Santa Barbara: The Elusive Isle

By Andy and Allison Sallmon

Santa Barbara Island Photo Gallery

Andy and Allison Sallmon

Florida’s Blue Heron Bridge

By Chris Parsons

The St. Lawrence River

By Jennifer Hayes

A Tale of Two Bays: Monterey and Carmel

By Andy and Allison Sallmon

Rhode Island Blues — and Makos

By Bill Fisher

Why Newfoundland?

By Joseph C. Dovala

Diving Canada's most eastern point
Kauai’s Niihau

By Joseph C. Dovala

The search for na mea hulu

By Brandon Cole

Shipwrecks and swift waters in an emerald sea
Kona: The Big Island’s Rich and Rugged West Coast

By Keri Wilk

Tobermory, Ontario Gallery

Photos by Andy Morrison

Tobermory, Ontario

By Erica Blake

Variety and wrecks aplenty in clear, chilly water

New Jersey: The Underwater Garden State

By Herb Segars

Big Things Cruise Off Florida’s Palm Beaches

By Walt Stearns

Palm Beach, Fla. Gallery

Photos by Walt Stearns

Washington's Olympic Peninsula Gallery

By Brandon Cole

Washington’s Olympic Peninsula

By Brandon Cole

Into the mist-cloaked Pacific
The Wrecks of Thunder Bay: A Photo Essay

By Stephanie Gandulla, Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary

History Above and Below the Waves

By Stephanie Gandulla, Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary

Bonne Terre Mine

By Andy Morrison

Bonne Terre Mine Gallery


Shipwreck Empire

By Joe Poe

Diving the Graveyard of the Atlantic
North Carolina Wreck Diving Video Gallery

Explore the shipwreck empire
Cooper River, South Carolina

By Capt. Tom McMillan

Searching for ancient shark teeth
Little Known Catalina

By Joseph C. Dovala

Diving into history