Water Planet Articles

The Long Goodbye

By Bob Talbot

Makos Matter

By Shawn Heinrichs

These vulnerable sharks get CITES Appendix II protection.
Diving into an Ocean Climate Action Plan

By David Helvarg

Responsible Tourism in the Galápagos and Beyond

By Melissa Gaskill

Conservation Photography

By Paul Hilton

The power to change the world
Fishy Limits

By Diego Barneche and Dustin Marshall

The Last Unicorns

By Karen Neely

Florida's disappearing pillar coral
A Cleaner, Brighter Future

By Tim Briggs

Untangling Maui's reefs
Marching for the Ocean

By David Helvarg

Ocean Advocacy in America

By Lora Snyder, Oceana Campaign Director

Clipperton: A Plastic Paradise

By Alex Rose

The Most Important Fish in the Sea

By Jamie Pollack

Eating Our Way Out

By Amy Lee

Differentiating Coral Bleaching and Coral Mortality

By Sarah Egner

A case study from the Great Barrier Reef
End the U.S. Shark-Fin Trade

By Alexandra Cousteau

A bipartisan bill before Congress is poised to stop the sale of shark fins in the U.S.
Continuing a Tradition of Ocean Stewardship

By David Helvarg

An interview with Palau President Tommy Remengesau Jr.
Sympathy for the Devil

By Rachel Graham and Sarah Fowler

Eyes on mantas and mobulas
A Perfect Storm of Warm

By Allison Vitsky Sallmon, DVM

The Status of a Symbol

By Allison Vitsky Sallmon, DVM

Florida's manatees
Oceans of Plastic

By Melissa Gaskill

National Geographic’s Pristine Seas

By David Helvarg


By Brian LaPointe, Ph.D.

A barometer of global change
Choosing Extinction

By Doug Perrine

The Hawaiian monk seal
On the Brink

By Rachel Graham, Ph.D.

Highly threatened iconic species
How to (Re)Build a Kelp Forest

By Andy and Allison Sallmon

Restoration of a California icon
Sunscreens Linked to Coral Bleaching

By Roberto Danovaro, Ph.D.

Cuba’s Coral Reefs

By Melissa Gaskill

At a crossroads
Hope for Sharks at CITES 2013

BY Jay Ireland and Sooki Raphael

Greater Protection for Reef Corals

By C. Mark Eakin, Ph.D., and Chelsey N. Young

Offshore Platforms Gallery

Photos by Jesse Cancelmo and Toby Armstrong

Offshore Platforms

Melissa Gaskill

Battling to keep them in the Gulf
Grassroots Marine Protected Areas

By Shawn Heinrichs

The Enormous Din of the Sea

By Michael Stocker


By William Goodwin

The arrow to the heart of coral reefs
Diadema, Caretaker of the Reefs

By Martin Moe

Flooded Forests

By Ethan Daniels

Mangrove forests are a vital component of the aquatic ecosystem.
Mangroves Bonus Gallery

Ethan Daniels

Preventing Trophic Cascades

By Josh Stewart

A microcosmic look at a macrocosmic issue
Saving Sharks

By Kymberly Escobar for the Pew Environment Group

Regulations and sanctuaries
Underwater Updates - Cape Town

By Josh Stewart

Ecotourism: Conserving great whites
Who's Minding the Mining?

By Hillary Viders, Ph.D.

An insight into oversight
Hydrothermal Vents

By Hillary Viders, Ph.D.

Mysterious empires of the deep ocean
Creating a Demand for Coral Conservation

By Jackie Marks of SeaWeb

Addressing international trade of precious corals
Florida Manatees: Between a Rock and a Warm Place

By Bill Harrigan

Conserving Island & Coral Reef Biodiversity

Carynne McIver for Seacology

The African Penguin: On A Path to Extinction?

By Gayle Sirpenski for the Mystic Aquarium, a division of Sea Research Foundation, Inc.

A Call to Action for Divers to Support Our Nation’s Sanctuaries

An essay by Bob Talbot

Conserving Sharks

Photos by Stephen Frink

Shark Conservation Act Becomes Law
Humpback Whale Protection

By Christine Brammer for the Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary

Rescue at Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary
Extinct for Soup?

By Bill Harrigan

After 409 million years, are sharks really facing extinction for an Asian delicacy?
Renewed Hope for the Reefs of the Coral Triangle

By Rod Salm

Conservation efforts have grown from small efforts to much larger commitments.