The Multiple Platforms of Alert Diver

We know from our reader surveys and feedback shared at dive shows that print is the preferred medium for most of our readers. The print magazine is mailed four times a year to members of Divers Alert Network® who live in the United States and Canada. But print is not the only way to read Alert Diver magazine. Alert Diver also has a robust digital platform for both Android and iOS (Apple) products as well as an online version, making the magazine available to readers worldwide.

Find the free app by going to the Apple App Store or Google Play and typing "Alert Diver" into the search bar. Each issue of the magazine is a free download as well. Bonus content — such as videos, slide shows and informational links — is included with the digital editions. A great benefit of digital access is the ability to archive multiple issues of Alert Diver for electronic reference as you travel, keeping your print magazine safely at home.

The website version of the magazine at likewise offers bonus content. The home page is updated quarterly as each new issue is published. A useful feature is the search box in the upper right corner of the screen. You can search for medical issues such as decompression sickness or diabetes, a dive destination or another term to revisit the text from any of the almost 40 issues since the fall of 2010. Each online article lists the issue in which it appeared at the end of the text in case you want to find it in print. The search functionality is quite powerful and another good reason to bookmark

We also provide an online flipbook of each issue; the current issue is always linked on the home page at The flipbook is easy to read on your computer, but accessibility requires internet connectivity. To view flipbooks of previous issues, use this common protocol: Type QuarterNumber-year. To see this issue as a flipbook, for example, type

Whether you read Alert Diver cover to cover or look forward to a specific column, the multiple digital offerings allow you to always have your favorite articles at hand.

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