Ocean Views 2017

Our annual photo contest, Ocean Views, has evolved significantly this year. As we proudly continue our partnership with Nature's Best Photography magazine (naturesbestphotography.com), Ocean Views has been integrated into the Windland Smith Rice International Awards program as a category in this prestigious photography competition that reaches millions of nature enthusiasts worldwide.

As a category sponsor and judge, we welcome this opportunity to celebrate the diversity of life above, around and beneath the ocean's surface. The Ocean Views winner and a selection of highly honored photos will be featured at an awards exhibition, opening in mid-October at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C.

One winning image is selected in each of 10 categories that represent the very best of nature photography. The portfolio presented over the following pages includes not only the winning Ocean Views image but also the universe of highly honored images that may be enlarged as exhibition-quality prints for display at the Smithsonian. Categories in the Windland Smith Rice International Awards are as follows:
Ocean Views
Polar Passion
Outdoor Adventure
Conservation Story

With literally millions of people passing through the Smithsonian each year, DAN®, Alert Diver and Nature's Best Photography are thrilled with the opportunity to present this eloquent vision of the magnificence of the sea and coastal environments worldwide. Only broad appreciation of the beauty and fragility of this world will inspire meaningful and lasting conservation.
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View the gallery of the winning and highly honored images.

So many images submitted to the Ocean Views photo contest are too stunning to miss. View more of these amazing images in two bonus photo galleries:
Bonus Gallery 1
Bonus Gallery 2
Shari Sant Plummer — An environmental philanthropist, ocean activist and underwater photographer, Plummer is president and founder of Code Blue Charitable Foundation.

Stephen Freligh — The cofounder and publisher of Nature's Best Photography magazine, Freligh has spent the past 36 years connecting people with nature through visual media.

Stephen Frink — The publisher of Alert Diver magazine, Frink is among the world's most frequently published underwater photographers, with a career spanning nearly four decades.

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