The Shootout Returns in June 2018

It's back and it is serious.

During the 2016 Lembeh vs. Gulen Shootout, two teams of photographers battled to decide which would be champion. After an intense battle and by a narrow margin, Lembeh eventually proved victorious.

Round two will commence in 2018. Two teams of photographers will again gather June 15-23, 2018, at Gulen Diver Resort, Norway, and Lembeh Resort, Indonesia, to compete for individual and team glory. Guided and mentored by professional and acclaimed underwater photographers, the teams will strive to produce amazing imagery in a series of categories.

The quality of images the teams produced in 2016 under contest conditions is a true tribute to their abilities. The 2018 Shootout will provide the same challenges and opportunities for all photographers to show their mettle. Join a team, and help decide which will be the winner!

Contact Gulen Dive Resort or Lembeh Resort for more details of diving and accommodation packages for the Shootout.

  • Two teams competing half a world apart at the same time
  • Online streaming and live interviews
  • Social media with lots of attention
  • "Live" online coverage by Wetpixel and other providers
  • Structured learning opportunities
  • Significant prizes at individual and team level
  • Fantastic value diving and accommodation packages at the resorts

The event will be featured in local and international media and the subject of follow up articles in the diving and mainstream press.

Two continents, two hemispheres, two climates: ONE WINNER