The DAN Emergency Hotline Top 10 List

DAN is here for you 24 hours a day, every day via the DAN Emergency Hotline (+1-919-684-9111). This resource serves as a lifeline for divers and DAN Members in need of emergency assistance.

Here are the top 10 things you should know about the hotline:

  1. If your emergency is serious, activate local emergency medical services (EMS), or take the individual to the nearest medical facility. Medical professionals will be better able to stabilize the person and assess the patient's condition. Once EMS is activated, call DAN for additional assistance.

  2. When you call, be prepared to provide the following information:
  3. -Your name and the injured person's name
    -Your location
    -A call back number
    -A description of the emergency or situation
  4. Each member of the DAN Medical staff has extensive credentials; they are paramedics (EMT-P), Emergency Medical Dispatchers (EMD), Dive Medical Technicians (DMT), Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT), Certified Hyperbaric Technicians (CHT) or physicians (MD) as well as dive instructors or dive leaders.

  5. Once the course of action is determined, DAN's medical staff may make an immediate recommendation or request to call you back after making arrangements with a local physician or facility, the appropriate TravelAssist contact or any number of DAN's network resources.

  6. If a call-back is necessary, please wait by the phone while arrangements are made. The resources may take 30 minutes or more to coordinate, as several elements and calls may be required to make the appropriate arrangements. The delay will not place the injured person in any greater danger, and DAN will call you as soon the arrangements are in order.

  7. The DAN Emergency Hotline also serves as your resource to activate the DAN TravelAssist membership benefit. When you are traveling more than 50 miles from home and need to access your TravelAssist benefits, including medical evacuation, call the DAN Emergency Hotline.

  8. The emergency hotline is not equipped to address inquiries regarding membership and insurance. All membership and insurance inquiries should be directed to the DAN Membership Specialists at +1-919-684-2948.

  9. The DAN Medical Information team adheres to strict standards of confidentiality. Your call and private information are both respected and protected.

  10. You can put a face to the DAN Medical Information team by participating in real-time webinars, watching the online video lecture series or stopping by the DAN booth at dive shows in your area.

  11. The hotline handles an average of 3,500 calls to the emergency line per year.

DAN is always just a call away. For more information about DAN or to join, visit